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Illinois Basketball Coaches Association
Illinois Basketball Coaches Association


If you would like to share any job postings for coaching positions at the high school, jr. high school, or college level, please e-mail Matt Monroe at

College Coaching Positions

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Lake Forest College (Lake Forest, IL)
Posted on: 5/28/17

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Head High School Varsity Coach Positions

Head Boys Basketball Coach

Christian Life Schools (Rockford, IL)
Posted on: 8/22/17

Christian Life Schools is a 1A school based in Rockford, IL. Christian Life Schools is a ministry of City First Church and has provided top-level private education since 1973 to students from PreK-3 to 12th grade. The boys basketball program has found recent success with back-to-back regional championships in 2015 and 2016. We are currently searching for qualified candidates to carry on the success of our program with a Christ-centered philosophy.

Responsibilities Include: Instilling values of respect, team spirit, passion, integrity, fair play, and spirituality in our athletes; Managing a basketball program preparing athletes to compete at the highest of levels; Personally impacting the lives of the student-athletes and their families; Preparing young men to win in life without compromise; Engaging with other coaches to build a unified athletic program; Oversee development of Middle School and Elementary basketball programs; Assist Athletic Director in scheduling of opponents; Establish basketball camps/programs to develop lower levels; Manage practice and game time responsibilities in a professional manner; Develop a character building program in additional to providing basketball instruction.

Qualifications: Prior high school coaching experience; A person of high moral Christ-like character; Ability to demonstrate strong leadership characteristics; A passion to develop and improve all levels of a basketball program; Demonstrate an understating of IHSA rules; Strong communication skills;

Pay: This is a stipend position that pays $3500 per season.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Please explain in detail your qualifications for the position.

Assistant High School Coach Positions

Assistant Boys Basketball Coaches
Francis W. Parker School (Chicago, IL)
Posted on: 9/29/17

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JV/ Varsity Assistant Boys Basketball Coach
LaSallette Academy (Georgetown, IL)
Posted on:10/25/17

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Jr. High School Coach Positions

Middle School Boys Basketball Coaches 
Francis W. Parker School (Chicago, IL)
Date Posted: 9/29/17

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