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The Illinois Basketball Coaches Association and the City of Pontiac conducted a press conference on Wednesday, March 22, from the Pontiac City Hall. The purpose of the press conference was to announce an agreement on the museum building had been reached between Pontiac and the IBCA.

Newspapers, radio stations and Channel 25 (NBC) from Peoria participated in the news conference. After opening statements by Pontiac Mayor, Bob Russell; IBCA Museum Chairman, Bruce Firchau and Maude Museum Designer, Joe Maude, the forum was then open for questions from the press.

The Basketball Museum of Illinois will have 25,000 square feet and will be located in a plaza on Routes 66 and 116. A Transportation Museum and our Basketball Museum will be anchors to this plaza that will attract new businesses to the plaza.

Our museum will be an interactive museum and event center. It will showcase the rich basketball history of our state and tell the stories behind our great players, coaches, teams, officials, media and “friends of basketball”. There will be a sixty seat theater and numerous galleries featuring our past and present iconic moments, stories and memorabilia. Chuck Rolinski, the “Father of the IBCA” will be one of the main displays. If you are wondering about the Hall of Fame, it will be the centerpiece of our museum.

Fundraising will be the determining factor as to when the museum will open. Our goal is sometime in 2018.

Bruce Firchau
IBCA Museum Chairman

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