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All the Dreams We've Dreamed by Rus Bradburd

“With heart and verve, Rus Bradburd takes us on this extraordinary journey of friendship, of contrition and of heroism, all in the confines of a storied basketball program on Chicago’s West Side, all amidst the stubborn, persistent violence of the city. It's one compelling read.” —Alex Kotlowitz, author of There Are No Children Here

"This is the incredibly powerful story of two Chicago men, author Bradburd and former basketball player and coach Shawn Harrington, and how their lives have been intertwined with inner-city basketball and gun violence…Bradburd's book offers a step-by-step account of Harrington's inspirational journey to reclaim his life, but on a broader level, it is also a dispiriting and profoundly personal examination of gun violence, health-care failure, and union apathy... This unflinchingly honest work insinuates its way into the reader's psyche the way only great books can. Unforgettable."— Wes Lukowsky

Book Release, Signings, and Talks
May 29 – Tuesday - Book Cellar, 6 pm - 4736 N Lincoln Ave

June 6 - Wednesday -- City Lit Books 6 pm - 2523 N Kedzie (in Logan Square)

June 9- Printers Row on Saturday, 1:00 pm with Rick Kogan (near Harold Washington Library downtown)

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