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Illinois Basketball Coaches Association
Illinois Basketball Coaches Association


"Our mission is to honor Illinois basketball history, celebrate current achievements, and motivate future generations."


The Basketball Museum of Illinois is a comprehensive facility dedicated to recognizing the rich tradition and history of basketball in our state from the junior high level level to the development of the professional game. Visitors will discover the stories of the great teams, coaches, players, officials, media, and friends of basketball in our state. Galleries will encourage visitor participation, allowing them to experience the greatest basketball moments in Illinois history. Our goal is to educate and entertain.

The Basketball Museum of Illinois will open in Pontiac, IL in the near future.


1.) The Basketball Museum of Illinois will be all encompassing from the junior high level to the professional level.

2.) Gender equality will be our goal from the time Title IX came into effect.

3.) We want our visitors to "smell the popcorn and hear the basketball shoes squeak." We want our visitors to be overwhelmed with nostalgia.

4.) We want our museum to be an interactive museum.

5.) To connect the past to the present.

6.) To have the media tell the stories through auditory and visual presentations.

7.) To implement the latest technology in displaying our memorabilia and telling our history.

8.) To display a wide collection of oral histories combined with pictures and film from different periods of time.

9.) To have both permanent and rotating historical exhibits displaying our rich basketball history.

10.) We want the people in Illinois not only to visit our museum but to be active participants through their donations of memorabilia and basketball stories.

11.) To include our basketball historians, sports information directors, and media as active supporters and contributors to the Basketball Museum of Illinois.

12.) We will enshrine members of the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. To preserve and tell the stories of their contributions to Illinois basketball.

13.) We will encourage students at our state universities and colleges to participate in archiving, researching, writing, and becoming active museum curators with our assistance and monitoring.

14.) To make you want to come back and visit us again. 


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